Bovada Bitcoin Cash BCH Payments

Bovada is pushing ahead its payment technologies to offer the very best features to customers by accepting Bitcoin Cash or BCH as a deposit option now. This payment solution is being touted as one of the fastest, most reliable and most affordable of the cryptocurrency payment options out today. That’s why the company is standing behind the solution and trying to make it a main option that players consider.

Why BCH?

When announcing that Bitcoin Cash was going to be a newly accepted deposit solution, Bovada sighted its rapid approval times and the low fees involved with using the payment solution to be why it was added to the roster. These two features make BCH highly desirable, and they’re exactly why so many other casinos and businesses in general are pushing for the payment solution over others.

Why BCH is Superior to Core Bitcoin

BCH or Bitcoin Cash is a variant of the original Bitcoin core solution, and most users consider it to be far superior. While core Bitcoin is known for lengthy approval times and steep fees, Bitcoin Cash is rapid and very affordable. It’s what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to create when first developing Bitcoin, and that’s exactly why the payment solution is still gaining in popularity and value while the core Bitcoin is losing both.

Making use of BCH

Bitcoin Cash works much the same as standard Bitcoin, you still hold it in a virtual wallet and transfer money between wallets to complete transactions. To become a player at Bovada you can spend your BCH balance by sending it to a unique wallet location the casino generates for you. When leveraging this technology you could be playing in just a few minutes to a few hours after initiating the transaction, and you’ll find it very simple to get started with the casino.

Bitcoin Cash is a powerful new technology and countless casinos are beginning to embrace it. By learning about this technology and making an effort to use it now, you can get comfortable and begin gambling at your casino of choice. Bovada is a good place to start, but there are other options as well. With more and more players looking for a good solid payment solution online that’s fast and affordable BCH is an exciting option that’s worth looking into. It should increase in popularity over time, and likely go up in value as well, which is exciting for casinos and players alike, since it’s more user-friendly overall than standard Bitcoin.