Licensed Cryptocurrency Casino

As long as rumors are true, Edgeless will become the first casino that runs purely on cryptocurrency to be fully licensed in a recognized jurisdiction. It’s set to become licensed in Curacao, and the casino is designed to run entirely on the cryptocurrency Ethereum. This casino is novel in more ways than one, which will make it a top place to play at. For starters it appears to lack any sort of house edge, and on top of that it features games built right into the Ethereum blockchain, something Bitcoin casinos do not do.

No House Edge

Though it’s unclear how it can do this, Edgeless offers a gambling experience without the house edge. That means you have an exactly 50/50 chance of winning with the games that you play. Whether or not a player wins at this casino is purely up to chance, making it an excellent way for serious gamblers to go about their business.

EDG Coins

While built on the Ethereum blockchain, Edgeless will use its own coin called an EDG coin. This coin serves as the main form of currency for the casino, but you don’t have to work with just EDG or even Ethereum to be able to play at the casino. This casino works with a wide range of cryptocurrencies and makes it fast and simple to deposit money into your account to get started.

Getting the License

According to the company behind Edgeless Casino, the license for this casino was granted on December 22, 2017. While the license is a good sign that Ethereum based casinos are growing in popularity and becoming good legit places to gamble at, this particular casino doesn’t come with a very strong license. Curacao isn’t known for its diligence when it comes to licensing. Fortunately the Ethereum blockchain is designed for safety and to protect players every single step of the way.

Edgeless is an interesting gambling solution that’s working within a brand-new market that most of us aren’t familiar with yet, but it could be the way that all casinos head in the future. It offers a fairer gambling option to make use of for serious players, and makes it possible to get going faster than many popular casinos today, but it’s unclear whether that will be enough to convince new players that they should be trying out new technology or taking a risk using cryptocurrencies that are still relatively new.