Ethereum Flash Casino

Ethereum Casino is a powerful online gambling site that’s based on the cryptocurrency Ether. The service relies on blockchain technology to move money around very rapidly and to make gambling online quick and easy to do. Players will enjoy lightning quick transactions and they don’t have to deal with any currency exchanges or things like that while using the service. There is a good selection of games at the casino, as well as some nice services like a loyalty rewards program, as well as a rock solid customer support service to rely on when encountering problems. Gamblers that want to get started with a more modern online casino and don’t mind trying one based on a cryptocurrency, should take a look at Ethereum Casino. We took the time to review the casino down below, and were pretty impressed by most of what we saw. Read on to learn the pluses and downsides of playing at this casino online.

A Simple Payment Solution

There’s no worrying about what sort of payment solution you’ll use while playing at Ethereum Casino. That’s because every single player uses the same payment type, Ethereum. Players convert their money to Ether using an exchange service, and they can then play the games that they like from the casino without worrying about any sort of money transfer requirements. It’s very simple to get started and there’s no tough decision to make about banking solutions.

Instant Play Games

This Flash casino offers a good collection of online casino games to choose from, and the best part is that they’re all instantly available. That means new gamblers can sign into their accounts and start playing immediately. Just open up your web browser, visit the Ethereum Casino website and start clicking through the different games available. Within moments you could be playing a slot game for real cash, and winning money that you can spend anywhere that you like. Ethereum Casino makes it easy to get started and offers a lot of benefits for long term players as well.

A Good Mix of Games

Even though all the games are ready to play instantly at Ethereum Casino, there is still an excellent selection to choose from. Players are free to pick from modern and classic slot games, including some progressive prize options with huge jackpots. They can also try out table games like poker, roulette and blackjack. For players looking for something strategic like poker, but something a bit simpler, there’s also video poker to pick and choose from. There are many different varieties of all these game types available at the casino, and they are designed to be accessible and easy to use.

Customer Support

At Ethereum Casino it’s easy to get customer service when things go wrong. There is an email service, a ticket service and a live chat support tool that can be leveraged for quick and easy help. Players that run into problems can submit a ticket along with their email and wait to hear back. They can send in an email instead and should hear back in a day or two that way as well. For players that are looking to get help immediately, the live chat service is a quick way to connect with a support member and have questions answered. There is also a dedicated FAQ section with a searchable knowledgebase for answering some of the more common questions.

The VIP Player’s Club

Ethereum Casino offers an online Player’s Club for VIP members that have accumulated enough points. Earning points is as simple as placing wagers on different casino games, and over time players will move up in VIP levels, unlocking new and more generous rewards along the way. VIP members will enjoy perks like free spins, free game plays, a percentage bets returned, a percentage of money lost returned and more. As players climb to higher VIP levels, they enjoy more generous rewards.

Ethereum Casino is a bit unique since it’s based on blockchain technology, but it offers fast deposits, a good selection of games and a solid set of features that give long term players something to look forward to every single time they sign into their accounts and begin playing.